Conférenciers invités


Conférences invitées

Les conférences invitées ont lieu au cours de sessions communes accessibles à toutes les conférences. Les participants ont ainsi l'occasion de découvrir des travaux récents de chacune des communautés.

Aldo Gangemi Aldo Gangelmi - Professeur (Université Paris Nord, France)
Nicola Guarino Nicola Guarino - Directeur de Recherche (CNR, Italie)

Title: 25 Years of Applied Ontology and Ontological Analysis: an Interdisciplinary Endeavour

Abstract: Applied Ontology is an emerging discipline –born about 25 years ago– that builds on philosophy, cognitive science, linguistics and logic with the purpose of understanding, clarifying, making explicit and communicating people’s assumptions about the nature and structure of the world. This orientation towards helping people understanding each other distinguishes applied ontology from philosophical ontology, and motivates its unavoidable interdisciplinary nature. In this talk I will briefly review the problems that applied ontology can address, the conceptual tools at the basis of formal ontological analysis, and the future application perspectives.

Short biography: Nicola Guarino, research director at the Italian National Research Council (CNR), works at the nation-wide Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC-CNR), leading the Laboratory for Applied Ontology (LOA) located in Trento. A graduate in electronic engineering at Padua university in 1978, since 1991 has been playing a leading role in the ontology field, developing a strongly interdisciplinary approach that combines together Computer Science, Philosophy, and Linguistics. His impact is testified by a long list of widely cited papers and many keynote talks and tutorials in major conferences involving different communities. Among the most well known results of his lab, the OntoClean methodology and the DOLCE foundational ontology. On the theoretical side, current research interest include the formal ontology of relationships and events, while on the application side his research is focusing on service science, socio-technical systems, and e-government. He is founder and former editor-in-chief (with Mark Musen of Stanford University) of Applied Ontology, founder and past president of the International Association for Ontology and its Applications, former general chair of the international conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS), editorial board member of Journal of Data Semantics, and editor of the IOS Press book series Frontiers in AI and Applications. He is also fellow of the European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence (ECCAI).

Daniela Rus Daniela Rus - Professeur (MIT, USA)
Zhongzhi Shi Zhongzhi Shi - Directeur de Recherche (CAS, Chine)
Moshe Vardi Moshe Vardi - Professeur - Université Rice - USA